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GNLD nutritional supplements and herbal products proudly bear the golden Science Advisory Board (SAB) seal to let you know that the SAB has reviewed and approved the formulation of the product.

This Network has included researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the United Nations, and dozens of world-leading formulators, raw materials suppliers, and clinical laboratories. They ensure the GNLD's golden products are of a high standard.

Welcome, goeie dag, sawabona! 

Thanks for stopping in at your friendly South African website for our world class NeoLife / GNLD (Golden) products, supplements and exceptional service.

For over 60 years NeoLife / GNLD (known by many as Golden Products) has been at the forefront of health and nutrition, developing life changing products that help people to look good, feel great and live healthier lives. Please browse around our South African store for an easy online shopping experience.

A variety of nutritional supplements made from organic whole food extract - scientifically formulated to increase your energy and immunity.

We offer a program that will help you to control your sugar levels by rebalancing your nutritional intake.

Our whole-food supplements help your children get the nutrition that they need for their growth and development. Healthy supplements for South African lifestyles!

These biodegradable products have been used since the 1960’s. They are kind to us as well as the environment and still do a good job of cleaning.

A quality, affordable and safe range for you during this important stage in your life.

Made from Swiss Aloe Vera this range is easy to use and is gentle. The range has been tested in top laboratories in France and will slow down aging by replenishing moisture loss.

This must be the easiest way I know, to get a good helping of quality protein. It is suitable for all ages and is an essential part of our breakfast.

A multi-purpose surface cleaner. Can be used to clean baths, walls, floors, windows, stoves and even grease on the drive-way.

A great multipurpose skin-care product. Can be used on rashes, sun-burn, bruises.etc. It is so safe you can even use it on mouth -sores.

It is so much cheaper and easier to take a capsule of Omega 3 every day than ensuring that you eat fish 3 times a week. Remember a fish a day keeps heart disease away!

A great tasting and easy way to supplement your child's diet. Vitasquares contain vitamins and minerals extracted from organic whole-foods.

A convenient sachet with a tre-en-en and a general multivitamin and mineral sourced from organic whole-food. Formula 1V+ is packaged in a sealed sachet so you can pop your daily needs in your handbag or briefcase!

Have a question about GNLD (Golden Products)? Ask Veronica and she will get back to you.

Find out more about joining GNLD. As a GNLD distributor you receive a discount of approx 20% on purchases. Apply online here today.

We now list yourday2day GNLD (Golden Product) distributors from 12 countries in Africa on our distributors page. Join GNLD with yourday2day and we will add you to our online listings so that potential customers can find you. Contact Veronica to find out more.

We use GNLD's golden products because they make a difference for us - it's as simple as that. GNLD is now a day to day part of our lives. We invite you to explore a bit, ask some questions if you like and consider a healthier, more natural way of life.

From time to to we have promotions and issue electronic coupons for GNLD (Golden) product discounts. These are only valid for South Africa. If you would like us to keep you informed of our promotions, please email us at

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A: Acidophilus PlusAloe Vera GelAloe Vera PlusAmi-Tone
B: Balancing Toner 2 - DiscontinuedBalancing TonicBeta GuardBody LuvBreakfast Pack
C: Cal-Mag - DiscontinuedCareCarotenoid ComplexCarpet GloChelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU vitamin D3Chelated IronChelated ZincChewable All-CCleansing GelCleansing MilkCombination to Oily Skincare PackCombination to Oily Skincare Pack + Makeup RemoverCruciferous Plus
D: Daily Vitality Pack
E: Enriching ConditionerEnriching Moisturizer 1 - Discontinued
F: FantastikFeminine Herbal ComplexFibre TabletsFlavonoid ComplexFoaming Gel Cleanser 2 - DiscontinuedFormula IVFormula IV PlusFresh - DiscontiuedFull Motion
G: G1 Bucket LidG1 Laundry CompoundG1 ScoopGarlic Allium ComplexGentle Cleansing Bar - DiscontinuedGentle Makeup RemoverGI BucketGR2 Appetite Reducer - Replaced with Fibre TabletsGR2 Control Intro Pack - discontinuedGR2 Meal Replacement Protein Shake - discontinuedGR2 Thermogenic Enhancer - Discontinued
H: Hand SprayerHealth Drink ShakerHerbal Digestive Complex - DiscontinuedHerbal Respiratory Formula - DiscontinuedHerbal Rest & Relax - DiscontinuedHydrating Serum
L: LC30LDCLemon DropsLemon GloLipotropic AdjunctLiqui-Vite
M: Masculine Herbal Complex - DiscontinuedMild Revitalising ShampooMind Enhancement Complex Mixing BottleMoisturizing CreamMoisturizing Night Formula - DiscontinuedMultiMulti-Fibre BlendMulti-Mineral + Alfalfa
N: NeoLife Bar - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter - discontinuedNeoLife Bar - Fruit and NutsNeolife Blender BottleNeoLife Blender Bottle with detachable product holderNeoLife Draw String BagNeoLife Water BottleNeoLifeShakeNeoLifeTeaNormal to Dry Skincare PackNormal to Dry Skincare Pack + Makeup RemoverNourishing Collagen Cream - DiscontinuedNourishing Hand and Body LotionNutrishake
O: Omega 3Omega-3 Salmon Oil PlusOxygen Bleach
P: Personal Care ConcentratePersonal Care PumpPhytoDefencePro Vitality + PackProduct Sample BagProtein PowderPurifying Facial Scrub - Discontinued
R: Refining Toner 1 - DiscontinuedRefreshing Bath & Shower GelRefreshing Facial Cleanser 1 - DiscontinuedRenewing Antioxidant Treatment - DiscontinuedRevitalising Moisturiser 2 - DiscontinuedRich Revitalising Shampoo
S: SoftStage 6Super 10Super Gro
T: Tre-en-en
U: Ultra Hydrating SerumUltra Moisturizing Cream
V: Vita GuardVita SquaresVitamin A & DVitamin B Complex - Sustained ReleaseVitamin C ( Sustained Release)Vitamin E
W: Wash 'n WaxWater Filtration Cartridge - discontinuedWeight Loss PackWheatgerm Oil

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