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Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel
Size:    (100 ml)
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Clinically proven to calm the skin's surface and alleviate minor skin discomforts.
  • This unique botanical formula, enriched with Chamomile, Linden Extract, Cornflower and St. John's Wort also contains Allantoin, Calendula and Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) to support cellular renewal, soften skin and add elasticity. A very versatile product, Aloe Vera Gel reduces minor skin discomforts and aids renewal of skin that has been overexposed to the sun, cold and wind.
  • Directions for use:
  • Apply to skin as needed.
Needs Fulfilled
  • People have recognized the beneficial effects of Aloe Vera throughout virtually all of recorded history and it remains a favourite choice for use in promoting healthy skin. Aloe Vera works with skin's natural moisture barrier to help soothe and soften skin that has undergone rough treatment. Also, Aloe Vera helps counter the effects of overexposure to the outdoor elements and promotes youthful smoothness and elasticity. Certain botanicals work synergistically with Aloe Vera to offer extra effective soothing relief, to support healthy skin and cellular renewal.
The GNLD Difference
  • Exceptionally effective soothing relief from over exposure to sun, wind and cold is provided by the finest grade of Aloe Vera Gel, enhanced by the addition of the botanicals, Calendula, Chamomile, Cornflower and St. John's Wort.
  • Clinically proven to calm the skin's surface and alleviate minor skin discomforts. Helps revive skin suffering from overexposure and related effects to glowing, beautiful health.
  • Includes Allantoin and Calendula to support normal cellular renewal.
  • Clinically proven to add extra moisture and support the skin's moisture barrier with Aloe Vera, Linden Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol).
  • Helps to soften skin and promote elasticity with a unique botanical blend.
  • Helps maintain a normal skin surface pH with a water soluble formula.
  • Clinically tested in Europe's most prestigious dermatological research facility.
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