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Aloe Vera Plus

Aloe Vera Plus
Size:    (1 litre)
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Made with 100% pure filtered aloe vera.It supports and soothes internal ailments.
  • A tasty, naturally flavoured drink made from pure aloe vera, enhanced with chamomile and ginseng and sweetened with fructose. Together with other numerous benefits, Aloe Vera Plus supports the body in combating many of the negative factors of our modern lifestyles.
  • Dosage: Drink 50-100ml daily. (Keep refrigerated).
Needs Fulfilled
  • We live in a taxing and pressurized world and seek relief from a variety of symptoms related to this lifestyle. Our bodies become physically taxed and depleted of energy and necessary nutrients. Our metabolism is also affected. Many people are turning to pure, wholesome products in an effort to deal with some of the negative elements associated with modern lifestyle.
The GNLD Difference
  • Made with 100% pure filtered Aloe Vera.
  • Special Herbal Tea Blend: enhances Aloe Vera's natural properties.
  • Fructose included for sustained energy: does not cause the blood sugar surge that table sugar can.
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