TNL app

Neolife TNL App

New TNL App! Would you like to learn how to use the Team NeoLife App? It has a simple and easy to use design and will help you to build a better NeoLife business, by sharing content straight from the company. The TNL App will help you increase connectivity by making it easy for you to ...
NeoLife thrives in Africa

Our Eagle Team Wins Again

Congratulations! On the 25 May 2021, at the NeoLife Diamond Director awards ceremony Charlie and Alta Bolton were awarded an additional bonus cheque of R2.8 million. This is an annual bonus given to the Diamond Directors. I have great respect for this man. He was a high school dropout f...
Yourday2day on social media

Yourday2day Social Media Listings

Social Media is a Very Important Part of Yourday2day. It provides a way for the Yourday2day team to reach out and share the products from the AMAZING NeoLife brand. We also enjoy sharing our own personal experiences with these incredible products. We love to hear from our supporters! F...
Is your name here

Is your name here?

Would you like your name here? Click here to see our listed Yourday2day Neolife distributors.  Are you wanting to start a NeoLife business to make extra money?  We will list you for free so that future Customers & Prospects in your area can find you easily.  *This offer is only avai...
Mind matters

Mind Matters

Gilan Gork Self-influence Challenge This course is a game-changer..... Two months ago, I decided to try the Gilan Gork FREE 7 day Self-influence challenge.  I was so impressed that I decided to do the full 6-week challenge. I really encourage YOU to subscribe for the free 7-day Self-inf...
tarining in April

Abundance training in May

Every Thursday evening at 7.30pm , we will be meeting as the Yourday2day team, with the focus of taking your NeoLife business to the next level. Let me know if you will be joining us, so that I can send you more information and add you to the Whats app group Love this Minute with Maxwel...
incentive yourday2day

Incentive style this April

  Click here for a link to see Helene-Marie in action     
winners 2020

Winners 2020

2020 was an amazing year for the Yourday2day team and we so enjoyed our reward holiday at the Beach - thank you to our amazing team !  To win this award, I personally signed up 70 new Distributors in a year!  
Distributor listing

Local distributor listing

We would like to help you get your NeoLife business going. A good way to do this is to be listed on our yourday2day website Check out our Distributor listings here  Want to be listed? Contact me now
Virtual training

March NeoLife Virtual Meetings

NeoLife offers us free Virtual trainings every month , check out the schedule below for more information. Click here for Zoom link or watch Live on the NeoLife Distributors Facebook page