Magdal Bezuidenhout - Ballito

Magdal Bezuidenhout

NeoLife Distributor

I recently joined the NeoLife family as a Distributor based in Ballito. 

My very first time I was introduced to this phenomenal brand was when my parents joined way back in 1992! I was in Standard 8 in those years.  

Being an active young lady I started with Aloe Vera juice in the morning followed by either the Chocolate or Strawberry Shake to get me going for school and soon  supplements would be introduced to compliment each other . I could see the difference in my sport and school performance as the nutritional values I consumed were phenomenal! 

Having a successful cleaning business on the North Coast and a family of my own I’m turning back to what I know and believe works the best. 

NeoLife home care will definitely form part and compliment my business! 

NeoLife offers solutions for your vitality and home care needs - A to Z !

For all your supplementary or home care requirements I am a phone call away.