Are NeoLife Products GMO Free?

Yes, NeoLife products only use ingredients which are GMO-free and therefore all NeoLife products are GMO-free.
NeoLife do not use and will never use ingredients which contain GMO. 
NeoLife has quality control measures in place which ensure that our quality products are never compromised.

Are NeoLife Supplements safe for Children to use?

There is a unique range of products NeoLife offers which are formulated specially for children’s health.
Our supplements are generally formulated for adults but should be safe for children who can swallow tablets and capsules. Children of ages 12 and up should be fine. You can crush up the tablets or squeeze the capsules into meals or shakes as an alternative. If your children are old enough to eat solid foods, then they should be old enough to take whole food nutrition.
Please confirm with your pediatrician that a particular product is appropriate for your child before issuing it.

Where does NeoLife source its Fish Oil?

The fish used in our products comes from the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.
NeoLife has strict standards for potency, consistency and purity which have been a hallmark for our company for a long time. The geographic origin of ingredients such a fish is one of the many criteria during the selection of raw material and validation process which is used to ensure NeoLife Nutritionals are the finest, most effective and safest products which they can be. This commitment to exceptional quality results in products which you and your family can trust for a lifetime.
Here is a link to hear about the benefits of the NeoLife Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus:

Is Soya safe?

Yes, the soya ingredients which we use in NeoLife Nutritionals are entirely safe and appropriate for human consumption.
Soya products have been consumed safely for centuries and are considered a staple in many countries. Since 1999, most experiments demonstrated that soya provides many health benefits and that the consumption of soybean products is not harmful. Such studies have associated soya with positive effects in bone, cardiovascular and digestion.

What if I have questions regarding an existing Medical Condition?

Please consult your physician about adding to your supplement programme should you have an existing medical conditions.

Does NeoLife do animal testing?

NeoLife does not do, nor does it cause animal testing where pain and/or suffering is involved.
NeoLife has actively supported the development of other non-animal means of testing.
Despite it being more difficult and expensive, whenever practical we use human volunteers such as for Carotenoid blood levels for Carotenoid Complex and Salmon Oil Plus.
We are a research-oriented nutrition company. Research which uses animals is sometimes needed to determine, for example, the health and growth benefits of nutritional pet supplements. These types of studies are only conducted where it will not cause any pain of suffering to the animal and would be conducted in an atmosphere where the animals are cared for, safe and loved.
We have been and remain to be promoters for protecting animals from suffering and pain. We also know that people need to be able to associate themselves with products and companies which they can trust. NeoLife takes the trust of those concerning this issue very seriously.

Are all NeoLife Products safe for Professional Athletes?

NeoLife Nutritional supplements are safe and legal for athletes to use. We use the optimum whole food-based ingredients. For over 60 years, leading athletes around the globe have put their trust in NeoLife for nutrition to assist fuelling gold-medal success!
Our NeoLife Nutritionals, which includes mineral, protein and vitamin and phytonutrient supplements are assured to be free of any substance which is currently banned by the International Olympic Committee, National Collegiate Athletic Association and World Anti-Doping Agency.
Please note, however, that athletes who are likely to or are participating in, anti-doping testing should use NeoLife Herbal products and NeoLifeTea with caution. None of the ingredients are registered as “Banned” substances, and safety is not an issue. Herbal ingredients are able to break down into multiple varying compounds within the body and they may produce a “false-positive” result on a drug test. Although not prohibited, caffeine is also monitored by WAFA for potential abuse.
Also note that governing bodies for international sports may have further substances which are banned. Athletes have to determine for themselves if any ingredient in any NeoLife product is banned.
At NeoLife, we believe that all athletes must be concerned not only with the legality of supplement usage, but of their own safety and health benefits. NeoLife Nutritional Supplements have an extensive history of safe and effective use. We put safety and efficiency first and would on no occasion risk the health or career of an athlete.

Are NeoLife Products Environmentally Friendly?

NeoLife has created earth-friendly home care products under the name Golden Home Care. We have been “green” since the 1960s and were one of the initial companies to respond to the global crisis by creating earth-friendly, safe cleaning products. NeoLife remains concerned and will continue to sell biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaners for a healthy home and environment.
We have created highly concentrated formulas which results in you paying less and getting more.

How has NeoLife’ s Golden Home Care Products helped lessen the Environmental Impact we have?

Super 10 alone has prevented an estimated 700 million bottles from being dumped into landfills.
The largest wildlife rescue operation to date, used LDC to clean 25 000 oil-soaked penguins in Cape Town, South Africa.
At the Bordano House of Butterflies in Friuli, Italy the only cleaners judged powerful enough to protect against parasites. and bacteria, yet gentle enough no to cause harm to the most delicate young butterflies was Golden’s Super 10 and LDC.