Anna Rencken - Ballito, Zinkwazi

Anna Rencken

NeoLife Distributor

I have been a Neolife user since 1998 when it was still called Golden Products!  In 2006 as a young mother of two toddlers I joined Golden Products again, now called GNLD. The vita squares and vita guard kept my boys healthy and bursting with energy. I believed in the CalMag for what I believed was a case of early onset of arthritis. It eased the aches and pains in my fingers and joints. I am now a "balls-to-the-wall" user. Why spend your hard-earned salary at a grocery store on washing powder and detergent when I can buy through Neolife a better quality washing powder and environmentally friendly detergents and earn a % of money spent back into my bank account. The same goes for my vitamin and protein shakes. I can vouch for their quality from personal experience. Back in the 80's SANCCOB started using LDC to clean oil spills off penguins!