In 1994 my mother joined Neolife, then known as Golden Products as a distributor. After having suffered from polio as a teenager she was looking for safe, healthy products to improve her daily life.  By joining she discovered the amazing benefits of NeoLife products

In 2010 I joined NeoLife (then Golden Products).

I have always been very interested in the healing properties of herbs and plants and believe very strongly in products made from the very best nature can supply.

I know with absolute conviction that the Neolife products are carefully researched and are the most effective as well as the safest available worldwide.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. It was recommended that I do not use any Nutritionals until my treatment was completed.

Now that the treatment has been completed, I am using Neolife products extensively.  They are helping me to recover from the effects of the treatment

I have found all NeoLife products very safe and effective. I would recommend them to everyone looking for healthier products with less harmful chemicals.