In 1994 my mother joined Neolife, then known as Golden Products as a distributor. Despite having had polio as a 17 year old she was still as active as possible and was looking for safe, healthy products to improve her daily life.  By joining she discovered the amazing benefits you can only obtain from using the nutritionals as well as the incredible bio-degradable, chemical-free and very versatile cleaning products.

In 2010 I joined GNLD (Golden Products, now known as Neolife).

I have always been very interested in the healing properties of herbs and plants and believe very strongly in products made from the very best nature can supply.  Whole food nutrition is the way to go.

(Unfortunately, unless you are very careful there are a lot of harmful products on the market.)

I know with absolute conviction that the Neolife products are carefully researched and are the most effective as well as the safest available worldwide.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. It was recommended that I do not use any nutritionals until my treatment was completed.  It was feared that being as good as they are, they would prevent the treatment being as effective.

Now that the treatment has been completed, I am using the Neolife nutritionals extensively.  They are helping me to recover from the treatment effects and are boosting my immune system.

As well as the nutritionals, I cannot imagine being without the cleaning staples of Super 10, LDC, LC30 and Care. Not to mention the Super Grow, Lemon Glo and Wash ‘n Wax.  Super safe for cancer survivors to use.

I must mention the amazing Nutriance skin care range – completely organic and only tested on humans. As a cancer survivor this is the safest range to use.