Sanele Mhlongo - Balfour

Sanele Mhlongo

NeoLife Distributor

I'm very proud to be a Distributor of NeoLife products. NeoLife sells the best Whole-food Nutritional supplements, Home Care , Skin and Personal Care products.

Contact me if you would like to use some of these products or if you would like to become an Independent business owner.

My testimony about Neo Life Products.

I tested positive for Corona virus on the 20 June 2021. Nothing which was available like treatment from Pharmacy or tablets from hospital without Tre-en-en from Neo Life. I started using my Tre-en-en on the first day I got results. Other people told me that I have to steam 3 times a day but I decided to steam once a day because I knew that Tre-en-en is boosting my  immune system. I was living with my family of 3 as normal and I was told that my family should go for testing after 8 days . None of them got infected and all of them tested negative. Nothing was scary during my quarantine no signs for covid-19, I was feeling well and I was normal as usual.

Thank you Neo Life products?.