How to order from the ShopNeoLife website

How to order on the NeoLife website

Below is some information on how to order NeoLife products -     from the NeoLife Back Office, What is a Distributor Back Office? 

• The NeoLife Back Office is a user-friendly website that was designed to enable you to manage your business efficiently. 

• It will most likely become the primary tool for you to conduct your NeoLife business.     

• View reports (Performance, new Distributors, organisation etc).

• Instant update on your team’s activity.

• Online shopping of your favourite products.

• Online renewal of your Distributorship at any time.

• Sign up new prospects as a Member or Distributor.

• A resource library for all brochures, incentives, publications and videos etc.

• A personal calendar that you can see all company events and even set up your own events for your team to subscribe to.

  What do you need to do to access your Back Office?  

• A stable Internet Connection. 

• A computer or tablet but it can also easily be accessed on a smartphone.

• Go to and enter your login and password.

 Watch this video below for more information

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